Monday, December 2, 2019

Meta Tag Generator for Google Blogger

The meta tags are the main statement of a website, allows search engines to gather main information from a blog like a title, description and other things.

Hi, I’m Mani From NoobSpot, and in this article, & presenting Meta Tag Generator For Blogger, which helps in generation of SEO Friendly meta tags for blogger sites.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tag Generator for Google Blogger

-Importance of Meta Tags-

In Short, the main statement of a site. When search-engine crawler gathers site information that times meta tags help crawler to store main information.

Moreover, the famously featured snippet by Google or other search engines, also possible due to meta tags, which allow the crawler to know about a site.alert-info

Main Things of Meta Tags

Title: Describes the main name of your site (e.g.
Author: Describes Author/Creator/owner of a site (e.g. Rahul Das)
Description: The main small paragraph, which describes a site (e.g. is a Multi-Author Blogging Community Site. Where we Share Knowledge about on Latest Technology Affairs, Gadgets, Blogging, SEO and many more.)
Keywords: it’s about the main keywords of a site.(techrahul. In)
Distribution: Describes the loaclity of a site like, if you want to represent a site as India, choose India.
Robots: Describes allowed bots to enter in your site. (e.g. Google Bot), here you can choose all
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